I identify with the hedonistic philosophy in a responsible way.

I love cooking and preparing delicious dishes. My love for gastronomy leads me to enjoy Mediterranean, Vietnamese, Italian, Thai, Japanese cuisine ...

I like to experiment and try new flavors and places, especially in good company.  

I am entering the fabulous world of oenology and I consider myself a great lover of a good wine, cava or champagne.


Addicted to matcha tea and avocados

I have higher education in the social field. Connecting with people and learning from them is one of my great vocations.  


I really enjoy new experiences, whether in the sexual, cultural, educational, musical fields… hence I consider myself a curious person: when I discover something that I like, that day has already been worth it for me.


I have several favorite films, but I am passionate about classic cinema, a good thriller, films with a certain independent touch and those of the dystopian genre.  


I love music, for this reason it is possible that when you are with me you listen in the background from jazz, blues, folk, minimalism, nouvelle chanson, alternative rock and a long etc.  Eclectic musically because I enjoy all those songs that wake up something inside me.


I am especially curious to know how people's minds work and why we are the way we are. This makes me attracted to readings from the fields of psychology, philosophy, anthropology, and sociology.

In the intimate aspect, I recognize myself as a mischievous, naughty, sweet and charming woman at the same time. I am passionate about playing with desire, I enjoy casual brushing, furtive glances, kisses on the neck and back, giving pleasure and being given it.  Sighs and moans are the best complement for me, erotic battles and letting ourselves be carried away by the other's body.


Quality is, without a doubt, better than quantity.



Sexual orientation : Bisexual  

Body type : Proportionate and slender curves.


Measures:  90C - 60 - 95


Height : 1.65 cm

Smoker : No.


Skin:  White, warm, soft and decorated with tattoos.  


Eyes : Honey Color


Hair Color : Dark Chocolate  

Zodiac sign:  Leo